Honeywell Smart Home Security

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The Smart Home Security system consists of an app and a voice-controlled camera and speaker, which can be expanded through additional cameras and sensors. The security system helps to deter intruders through sounds like a dog barking or music playing. It is operated using the remote control and also by facial recognition, geolocation and voice passwords when entering or exiting the home. With its reduced form and careful selection of materials, the system enriches living spaces. Available with different fabric sleeves, it can easily be adapted to different interior furnishings and styles. Interaction with the user takes place by way of light signals at the bottom indicating system status.

Statement by the Jury

With its sophisticated range of functions, the Smart Home Security system provides the option of securing a house in a comfortable way. Another convincing feature is the design geared to private living spaces.

  • Manufacturer:
    Honeywell, Bracknell, United Kingdom
  • Design:
    Honeywell Design Team, Golden Valley, USA