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HS4 | Red Dot Design Award

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These scales allow users not only to measure their weight, but also to store the results on mobile devices and display an overview. Calorie consumption and daily activities can be tracked and recorded with iOS and Android apps, while results can be shared with fitness partners and others. These scales also make it possible to set specific weight-loss targets. Thanks to iHealth Cloud, all relevant data can be synchronised on a number of mobile devices.

Statement by the Jury

The high-quality design of the HS4 scales makes them a reliable, elegant tool that aids weight management.

Red Dot Design Award

  • Manufacturer:
    iHealth Lab Inc., China
  • In-house design:
    iHealth Lab Inc., Cong Ming, China
  • Design:
    Beijing FromD Design Consultancy Ltd. (Chen Shuwen, Ma Ming), China