Series of Necklaces

Hug Hug

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The basic elements of this series of necklaces are the twelve Chinese signs of the zodiac. Each of two elements can be combined individually to spherical pairs which then, conforming to the elements of yin and yang of a Chinese Tai Chi diagram, match and unite like a hug. In this manner, various people can exchange the different components and in that way express their mutual affection. Each of the 24-carat pieces of jewellery is produced in a 3D gold printing process.

Statement by the Jury

Hug Hug understands how to realise the symbolism of affection skilfully – its elements provide a playful and friendly effect.

  • Manufacturer:
    Beijing Kingee Culture Development Co., Ltd., Beijing, China
  • In-house design:
    China Academy of Art, Research Laboratory of Metal Arts and Creation, Yi Chen Xiaowang Huang, Hangzhou, China