Buoyancy Compensator

Hydros Pro


Hydros Pro is a buoyancy compensator that features a 3D injection moulded harness instead of the usual stitched fabric construction. It dries almost instantaneously and is resistant to abrasion, UV rays and chemicals. Its modular design is adjustable to personal requirements and quickly transforms from a basic harness travel BC to a jacket with fully integrated weight pockets. The ergonomic 3D harness conforms to the shape of the diver, is lightweight and neutrally buoyant.

  • Manufacturer:
    Scubapro, Ballito, South Africa
  • Design:
    Rhys Couzyn, Glyn Ogden, Mark Trevethan, Stephan Le Roux, Ballito, South Africa

Statement by the jury

To ensure agility and stability under water, the design of the Hydros Pro focuses on offering a fully customised fit which is comfortable, as well as high-quality manufactured components.