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Hyper | Red Dot Design Award

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Hyper is an app in the form of a video magazine designed for reading on an iPad. It offers a daily edition of 6 to 12 new videos dedicated to a wide variety of different topics. These contributions are selected by a top-class curator team of filmmakers and journalists in order to ensure they fulfil high standards in both quality and content. With the aim of providing a fitting home to these special videos, the design realises the maxims of clarity and transparency. The user interface of Hyper was developed in direct contact with the target group and modelled on their viewing habits for the purpose of ensuring an as uncomplicated access as possible to the individual videos. The resulting seamlessly designed interface is based on the principle of easy operation via gestures, which yields vastly minimised latency. Users can thus dive into a profound media world of compelling and rewarding video experiences.

Statement by the Jury

The reduction in typography, noise and information has made this app emerge with a more image-based appearance that directs user attention to the content. With its minimalist design, the interface offers users appealing and easy-to-access visual content. The underlying creation process and the outstanding way of editing are overall impressive.

Red Dot Design Award

  • Design/Concept:
    Jonas Brandau, Berlin
  • Technical Direction:
    Mathias Sauvestre, Andreas Pursian, Berlin
  • Client:
    AntiHero GmbH, Berlin
  • Project Management:
    Markus Gilles, Berlin
Hyper | Red Dot Design Award
Hyper | Red Dot Design Award
Hyper | Red Dot Design Award