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In the ever-refining understanding of beauty and ­aesthetics, the treatment of body hair too has come to play an ever more important role. The ER-GK80 body trimmer has been optimised for hair removal in various areas of the male body. This beard and hair trimmer exudes an expressive elegance based on its I-shaped design that lends it a distinctive and iconic appearance. Its functional construction with vertically arranged blades offers high cutting performance and safety. Thus, the device adapts very well to the body contours and with gentle pressure slides gently over the skin for improved trimming results even in sensitive skin areas. To enhance safety and protect against cuts, the tips of the blades have been round­ed. The ER-GK80 is perfectly balanced and rests ergonomically in the hands. Its user comfort is further ­enhanced through the use of haptically pleasing materials. Another important aspect is that the unit is fully waterproof and can therefore be easily and safely used in the shower. Since the handle is made of a non-slip rubber, it rests safely in the hand even when wet. In addition, the device comes with an outstandingly convenient and self-explanatory attachment that serves to set the hair length simply by turning a dial. The device is thus suitable for a wide variety of users and their individual needs.

Statement by the Jury

With its I-shaped design, the ER-GK80 body trimmer looks highly appealing, almost graceful. It is suitable for all body areas thanks to the innovative vertical ­arrangement of the blades, delivering outstandingly precise trimming results. The distinctive quality of this beard and hair trimmer is also reflected in the device’s sophisticated ergonomics. Resting very well in the hand, the non-slip rubber handle makes it safe and comfortable to use even under the shower.

Red Dot Design Award

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