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Child Car Seat

i-Spin 360™

i-Spin 360™ | Red Dot Design Award

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The i-Spin 360 child car seat, when set facing backward, is suitable from birth to an age of about four years, whereby it offers a high degree of safety. When facing forward, it can be used for a child who is 76 cm or taller. A Tri-Protect headrest shields the head through a three-layer system and memory foam. Side impact protection elements, which are activated when the belt is tightened, add further shielding of the head area. The seat can be rotated after pressing a button on the side of the seat with one hand, making entry and exit effortless.

Statement by the Jury

The i-Spin 360 is designed so that children up to four years of age are provided with the greatest possible safety. Convenient handling also makes it easy for parents to correctly adjust the seat.

Red Dot Design Award