Beverage Packaging

ICA Rescued Fruit

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Approximately a third of all fruit grown around the world will not be eaten, just because it is too mature or has been bruised. Instead of wasting the fruit that couldn’t be sold, Sweden’s grocery retailer ICA decided to take advantage of the situation. The result is three different fruit juices, made from “rescued” fruit that otherwise would have been thrown away. The packaging design communicates both the good taste of the juice and the sustainable idea behind it. In order to heighten awareness at the point of sale, twelve of the small bottles are arranged in a cardboard box. Their light colours and emotionally appealing imagery emphasise the product promise.

  • Creative Direction:
    Jacob Bergström
  • Design:
    Silver, Stockholm
  • Client:
    ICA, Solna
  • Project Management:
    Ida Stagles
  • Graphic Design:
    Magda Lipka Falck