IR PTZ Surveillance Camera

IDIS H.265

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The IDIS H.265 IR PTZ surveillance camera features a 31x optical zoom, 4K resolution, an electronic image stabiliser and an 8 MP autofocus lens. With its infrared LED module, it is also capable of detecting objects at a distance of up to 200 metres at night. Since the lens and the infrared LED are placed horizontally, the housing could be kept as small as possible. In addition, this kind of arrangement prevents diffuse light reflections during tilt movements. The comprehensive architecture of the camera and its easy assembly allow for a smooth installation.

Statement by the Jury

This compact surveillance camera inspires with its comprehensive technical equipment and state-of-the-art design geared to public spaces.

  • Manufacturer:
    IDIS Co., Ltd., Seongnam, South Korea
  • In-house design