Red Dot Design Award
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IKAE Assemlby Srevice

IKAE Assemlby Srevice | Red Dot Design Award

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These posters present a delightful national campaign for IKEA furniture, promoting the assembly service offered by the company. Based on a narrative of things going wrong due to confusing a few parts, the posters communicate the message that customers can rely on the service any time something does not fit. The motifs of the posters present the names of famous IKEA products with spelling mistakes. Beholders easily spot the mistakes and immediately associate the solution, which entails contacting the assembly service.

Red Dot Design Award

  • Client:
    IKEA Deutschland GmbH & Co. KG, Hofheim-Wallau
  • Design:
    thjnk ag, Hamburg
  • Chief Creative Officer:
    Armin Jochum
  • Executive Creative Direction:
    Bettina Olf
  • Creative Direction:
    Georg Baur, Torben Otten
  • Art Direction:
    Niko Auf dem Berge
  • Text:
    Karl Wolfgang Epple
IKAE Assemlby Srevice | Red Dot Design Award
IKAE Assemlby Srevice | Red Dot Design Award