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iMac G5 Computer

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The design of the iMac G5 is plain and simple, expressing its multifunctionality with a discreet visual language. The tiltable display is available in both 17" and 20" formats. All the PC electronics, the speakers, the optical drive, connections and power supply are integrated into the housing of the unit. To help prevent eye fatigue, the brightness of the display adapts to the lighting conditions existing at any given time. Compared to the predecessor generation, the new model is 1.27cm less in depth and 15 per cent lighter in weight. The iMac G5 standardly includes a PowerPC 970FX processor, an integrated iSight video camera, and a SuperDrive with Double Layer support to burn DVDs. The system memory cache can easily be expanded; it is directly accessible behind a cover flap at the bottom part of the housing. Aside from three USB 2.0- and two FireWire 400 interfaces, the unit includes connectors for audio in/out, S-Video out and VGA. With the included Apple Remote, the user can operate the iMac G5 from any corner of the room and thus play back stored music, films, pictures or videos.

  • Manufacturer:
    Apple, Inc., USA
  • In-house design:
    Apple, Inc., Apple Industrial Design Team, USA