Assistance System for Smartphones

In-Car Voice-Controlled Assistant

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This voice-activated assistant for the car, featuring a minimalist design, enables connectivity with a smartphone via Bluetooth. Functionality from mobile devices, such as navigation and telephoning, can therefore be operated contact-free, as can the reception of audio content or information, thus improving safety while driving. Thanks to integrated microphone array technology, the assistant may be controlled from anywhere in the car. Pulsating LEDs send visual feedback for an intuitive type of communication.

Statement by the Jury

This assistance system improves safety in traffic in a user-friendly way and is attractive with its reduced, elliptical language of form.

  • Manufacturer:
    IFLYTEK Co., Ltd., Hefei, China
  • Design:
    CBON Design Consulting Co., Ltd. , Honyu Gao Shengxing Zhou, Shenzhen, China