Recessed LED Lighting


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The design concept for this energyefficient yet extremely powerful recessed LED light was inspired by skylights and contemporary architecture. Available in different sizes, it is recommended for the public sector and delivers greater depth, definition and detail, eliminating the monotony and anonymity of large ceilings. Inbox produces a uniform light to illuminate wide areas while keeping glare to a minimum. Its precision engineered, high transmittance acrylic lenses mix and disperse light, and ensure that the LED point sources are invisible from view.

Statement by the Jury

With a functional product design, thought through down to the last detail, the recessed Inbox light achieves a harmonious overall appearance and is highly effective.

  • Manufacturer:
    Fluxwerx Illumination Inc., Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
  • In-house design:
    Lance Howitt, Scott Santoro