Red Dot Design Award

Industrial Palletizing Robot

Industrial Palletizing Robot | Red Dot Design Award

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This product is an industrial transformer-stacking special palletising robot. Still in the trial stages of development, the current frame-type structure is simple, and the overall shape lacks a sense of security, detailing, as well as machine recognition ability. As such, the designers propose an improved design that would reflect an overall sense of modern industrial strength and robustness. The existing frame is reformed and a coated design is adopted to give a sense of integrity. The design of the hood and the slide rail aligns with the principle of its structure of the movement. The outer panel of the fuselage serves as reliable overall protection, as well as decoration and support. To use, a special drag chain groove is arranged at the rear of the slide rail, and a cable groove is designed on the lower side. The box part is equipped with a line-sorting box to make the equipment more suitable for assembly while enhancing its human-machine safety operation. The controller is arranged on the side of the fuselage panel for easy usage. This improved fuselage not only highlights the simplicity and freshness of modern equipment but also sets up a unique production style. The whole colour scheme mainly uses white, black and yellow. Employing local screen-printing technology, the exterior design reflects a concise and steady aesthetic that relates back to modern industrial equipment.

Red Dot Design Award

  • Institution:
    Shenyang University of Technology, China
  • Faculty Advisor:
    Pu Dasheng
  • Design:
    Li Mei