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ing | Red Dot Design Award

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New mobility

The human body with its numerous muscles and joints is designed to move as much as possible. The “ing” office chair meets this need with the concept of “free from sitting”. The aim of its design was to promote health and thus the creativity of people working in offices. The innovation resides in the chair not preventing users from moving when sitting in it, but instead actively supporting them. Using a sophisticated mechanism, the seat can “glide” around in a 360-degree radius to follow any movement of the user’s body. The concept is modelled on the hip-strengthening exercise of sitting on a gym ball. Able to move freely, the joints of the chair pick up on the movements of the chair users, forcing them to counterbalance this chair movement and, in doing so, naturally adopt a healthy sitting posture. This construction principle helps the muscles in the user’s hip, waist and back remain active when sitting. At the same time, the pressure on the body is thus also distributed, reducing the overall load and strain. In addition, the “ing” office chair impresses with a well-balanced look and high-quality finish, merging all the elements into a unity of almost flowing appearance. With its finely tuned proportions, the chair projects a fresh charisma and appeals to the emotions.

Statement by the Jury

The “ing” office chair promotes continuous movement and thus solves the issues arising when sitting for too long. Its innovative ergonomic design helps to continuously support and strengthen the back of users sitting on it. This is accompanied by an elegant aesthetic that coherently connects the base to the seat shell. The structure of the chair appears complex, yet it has been skilfully reduced to the essentials. A combination that gives it a distinctive appeal.

Red Dot Design Award

  • Manufacturer:
    KOKUYO Co., Ltd., Tokyo, Japan
  • In-house design:
    Kazuo Oku Takayoshi Kano Yojiro Kinoshita Kenta Asano
ing | Red Dot Design Award
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