Alarm Clock


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The special feature of the InOut alarm clock is the combination of two displays. The large one shows the current time and the small one the desired wake-up time. This allows the user to check at a glance whether the alarm has been set to the correct time. In addition, the small display acts as an on/off switch that can simply be pushed down into the casing. In this way, the wake-up time is not only displayed graphically, but becomes a physical experience. The use of InOut, in its casing made of coloured ABS, is intuitively simple.

Statement by the Jury

InOut’s clever arrangement of two displays on top of each other and its classical design vocabulary make this alarm clock an eye-catcher anywhere in the home.

  • Manufacturer:
    Lexon, Boulogne, France
  • Design:
    Héctor Serrano, Valencia, Spain