Red Dot Design Award

Intelligent Faucet

Intelligent Faucet | Red Dot Design Award

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Intelligent Faucet dispenses filtered and non-filtered water at different temperature settings. It allows the user to choose their preference easily with indicative lights and simple controls. Typically, at least two faucets are required for this function. Intelligent Faucet is designed for ease of use. Lights at the water outlet would be illuminated in a different colour to indicate if the water is safe for drinking. The lower display screen shows the TDS (total dissolved solids) value of the water in real time, so users know how well filtered the water is. The device is made with lead-free and eco-friendly materials to avoid secondary pollution. INTELLIGENT FAUCET is inspired by trees, and its form resembles a tree’s forked branches. The middle of the branches is used for screen display. The hot water valves, room temperature water valves, and water outlet all have a sleek and minimal design. The fluid and organic design not only adds artistry to any kitchen, it also makes usage and maintenance easy.

Red Dot Design Award

  • Company:
    Shenzhen Jiangyi Design Creative Co. Ltd, China
  • Team Lead:
    Ren Jianbo
  • Design:
    Chen Yulin, Dong Song, Li Baolei, Liang Jiming, Zhu Liang
Intelligent Faucet | Red Dot Design Award