Fitness Device

Intenza Escalate 550Ce2 Stairclimber


Using intelligent step height adjustment, Intenza Escalate 550Ce2 Stairclimber users can choose between 20 different step heights; an efficient way to increase body strength and support the cardio-vascular system. By a patented duo-track mechanism, the two tracks accelerate the simultaneous step and tilt/height adjustment while maintaining a stable horizontal step. The e2 console defines infotainment with Intenzacast, a solution that broadcasts digital content from Android or iOS devices. Escalate is the intersection of innovation, exercise and entertainment.

  • Manufacturer:
    Healthstream Taiwan Inc., Taoyuan, Taiwan
  • In-house design

Statement by the Jury

The compact design of the fitness device Intenza Escalate 550 Ce2 Stairclimber radiates a high level of professionalism and impresses with its sophisticated innovative functionality.