Corporate Concept

Intermezzo – einfach anders | Intermezzo – simply different

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The Dynamite company was responsible for the launch of the first crêperie in Switzerland that is run with the help of people with special needs. The company’s market identity confidently puts employees with mental and psychological disabilities centre stage. Consequently, they are seen as an integral part of society, also in the related advertising. The graphics are full of contrasts and support this clear positioning. There are no grey areas; everything is black or white. The illustrations reflect the bistro character of the restaurant and show that being different, while not always perfect, can be attractive.

  • Client:
    zuwebe, Zugerische Werkstätte für Behinderte, Baar
  • Design:
    Dynamite AG | ASW, Cham
  • Account Management/ Strategic Planning:
    Massimiliano Madonna
  • Film Direction:
    Siegfried Simader
  • Photography:
    Claudia Faganini, Hirzel
  • Text:
    Urs Zwyssig, Textalarm, Zurich