Communication Concept

Into Spaces

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Interprint, one of the leading decor printers globally, reinvents the presentation of the latest decors and interior trends every year. In 2015, the design motto is “Into Spaces” and deals with the development of the atmosphere of a room and its perception, since each person cultivates their own personal feeling for space. Using a geometric visual language, the graphic implementation of all print media related to the company’s business events is focused on the topic of the stylised room and the different components that define spatial ambience.

  • Client:
    Interprint, Arnsberg
  • Design:
    LAMOTO, Cologne
  • Creative Direction:
    Mona Garde, Thomas Wolff
  • Art Direction:
    Christian Weiss
  • Text:
    Marion Hingst, Neuss
  • Architecture:
    diiip, Cologne