Red Dot Design Award

IOPE Tailored Solution

IOPE Tailored Solution | Red Dot Design Award

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Sheet masks are easy-to-use, cheap and effective. However, due to the standardisation of mass production, many sheet masks cannot address unique skin characteristics or match the facial shapes of actual users. To address this, IOPE Tailored Solution is designed to provide customers with the one-and-only customised mask that perfectly complies with the unique skin characteristics and facial shape of every individual. IOPE Tailored Solution is an experience service that instantly produces and supplies the world’s first personalised 3D printed facial mask. This is achieved by combining new technologies such as facial measuring technique, mask drawing programmes and 3D printing with accumulated skin diagnostic knowhow. This is how a customised mask is made. The skin diagnostic devices would first analyse the skin characteristics of a customer and allocate the ideal ingredients for each section of the face. By using the smart phone APP, the facial shape measured is reflected and a very precise mask is drawn up for the printer. Lastly, the 3D printer produces a bare mask produced on site with only the selected cosmetics ingredients. Customers can get their own tailored mask at the store or get it delivered to their preferred location.

Red Dot Design Award

  • Studio:
    commoners, South Korea
  • Design Lead:
    Shin Jeeyong
  • Design:
    Jeong Soohyun, Park Junho
  • Manufacturer:
    Amorepacific, South Korea
  • Team Lead:
    Ahn Sungyeon
IOPE Tailored Solution | Red Dot Design Award
IOPE Tailored Solution | Red Dot Design Award
IOPE Tailored Solution | Red Dot Design Award
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