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iPhone 4

iPhone 4 | Red Dot Design Award

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The development of the iPhone completely redefined the possibilities of the telephone. Since then the design has constantly evolved and improved. The iPhone 4 is extremely thin – only 9.3 mm in thickness – and is very pleasant to hold. The front and back are protected by two high-gloss aluminosilicate glass plates, a material that is used for the windscreens of high-speed trains. It is chemically hardened which makes it 30 times harder than plastic. All of the components of the iPhone 4 are protected by a supporting frame made of very hard, CNC milled stainless steel. The nature of this material means that the phone is extremely robust, scratch-resistant and durable. The ground-breaking new design of the body of this new smartphone together with an innovative multi-touch display offers the user a fascinating surface for new applications. The new Retina display of the iPhone 4, with its resolution of 960 x 640, is so sharp that the human eye can no longer detect the individual pixel. On this display, users can experience iPhone 4’s new possibilities such as FaceTime, which makes video calling a reality, and equally intensively, intelligent multitasking which enables them to activate various apps at the same time and to switch trouble free from one to another.

Statement by the Jury

The iPhone 4 represents the biggest creative jump since Apple’s first iPhone was introduced. The form is characterised by a brilliant, high-resolution display with LED background illumination. There is nothing to distract the user. The phone works perfectly and is self explanatory, regardless of whether you are video telephoning, using the front and rear cameras for photos or videos or multitasking for apps. In the jury’s opinion, to ensure the success of a future-oriented product, Apple uses a classical design principle: outstandingly simple, simply outstanding.

Red Dot Design Award

  • Manufacturer:
    Apple, Inc., USA
  • In-house design:
    Apple, Inc., Apple Industrial Design Team, USA
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