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IPO.Log – The Story of Flight

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In only 100 seconds, this animated film illustrates the advantages of the IPO.Log software, with the help of which complex assembly processes can be visualised and optimised, to potential users. For this purpose, it employs the story of aviation pioneer Otto as an easily understandable analogy. An off-screen speaker leads the viewer through the animation, which is as illustrative as it is entertaining. The film implements the story visually with minimalistic character design and richly detailed scenery.

  • Client:
    IPO.Log GmbH, Leonberg
  • Design:
    spotentwicklung, Tübingen
  • Creative Direction:
    Theo Eißler
  • Art Direction:
    Marc Böttler
  • Text/Concept:
    Theo Eißler
  • Character Design/Animation:
    Marc Böttler
  • Environment Design:
    Michael Böttler
  • Music/Sound Design:
    Gerd Böttler
  • Project Management:
    Ulrike Schaal