Visual Identity

Israeli Cultural Institute Budapest

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The challenge behind the development of the corporate design for the Israeli Cultural Institute in Budapest, one of the first of its kind in Europe, was to create an identity that was neutral, highly expressive and easy to understand at the same time. In addition, it needed to be easily adaptable to the three languages Hungarian, Hebrew and English. The solution that integrated all these requirements was to use the millennium-old symbol of Judaism, the Star of David, which has the shape of a hexagram consisting of two intertwined equilateral triangles. The basic design principle started with the triangular structure of this star and complements it with elements generated through the help of a digital algorithm. The result were ever-changing patterns that do not only allow for a variety of configurations, and thus make the logo suitable for various different formats, they also help create a playful identity of high flexibility, in both form and colour, which communicates freshness and lightness. Statement by the jury »This visual identity is an excellent example of a new approach in interpreting corporate design concepts. It playfully improvises on a broadly defined basis consisting of forms, colours, imagery and text, so that even single elements can easily be associated with the whole. This creates a constantly changing appearance that nonetheless is fully consistent with the overall identity.«

  • Client:
    Israeli Cultural Institute, Budapest
  • Design:
    Imre Lepsenyi
  • branding:
    Agnes Keltai
  • art direction:
    Imre Lepsenyi
  • graphic design:
    Imre Lepsenyi, Aaron Fabian
  • printing:
    MPB Hungary