Red Dot Design Award

It’s a Robbery

It’s a Robbery | Red Dot Design Award

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Featuring the claim “It’s a robbery”, this packaging has been created as a gift for female bankers in honour of International Women’s Day. The search for something cute and memorable has led to the idea of “tights for gangsters”, classic tights of different densities in an original package. The motif shows men with attractive grimaces wearing these stockings over their heads. The ironic style of this packaging is complemented by messages hinting at the typical characteristics of tights, such as “leaving no marks on the skin” or “fitting perfectly to the body”.

Red Dot Design Award

  • Client:
    Velour Group LLC Velour Agency, Koroliov, Russia
  • Design:
    Svoe Mnenie, Moscow, Russia
  • Creative Direction:
    Andrey Pionerski Moscow, Russia
  • Art Direction:
    Yaroslav Zheleznyakov Moscow, Russia
It’s a Robbery | Red Dot Design Award
It’s a Robbery | Red Dot Design Award