Endoscopic System


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The ITS-L endoscopy system has been designed with surgeons’ needs in mind and is meant to serve as their eyes during laparoscopic operations. The LED-lit touchscreen displays essential information and allows for intuitive control of the light settings. The anodised finish of the aluminium case is durable and allows for easy disinfection. The side panel gives convenient access to internal components for maintenance. Created from an autoclavable, ultralight plastic compound, the camera head is designed to complement various wrist positions, thus reducing fatigue during prolonged operations.

Statement by the Jury

The high-quality finish of the ITS-L endoscopic system shows very clear control structures, which ensure high functionality and ergonomic quality.

  • Manufacturer:
    InTheSmart Co., Ltd., Seoul, South Korea
  • In-house design:
    InTheSmart Co., Ltd., Seoul, South Korea