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Jabara AV Board

Jabara AV Board | Red Dot Design Award

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Enchanting interpretation

Sideboards have long secured a firm standing in interiors for being both practical and space-saving. The Jabara AV Board lends this type of furniture an extremely appealing aesthetic by skilfully combining tradition with contemporary design. The overall appearance is characterised by harmonious proportions and a striking folding doors design. Crafted in a classic, timeless accordion style, they are reminiscent of the reed-screen doors found in traditional Japanese townhouses. The appeal of this sideboard also rests in the use of carefully selected solid wood, which has been finely cut into thin pieces with chamfered edges to create beautiful contrasting colour shades. The resulting interplay of light and shade evokes the impression that the accordion doors could fold back even further. Opening and closing the sideboard holds a hidden and enchanting charm of its own. It is a slow natural process, accompanied by the feel of a slight stiffness and the soothing sound of the pieces of wood rubbing together. With its functionally well-thought-out arrangement, the Jabara AV Board also showcases an elegant smoked-glass door that hides away any audiovisual equipment. In combination with the accordion-style doors, this sideboard displays a stylish appearance that creates a warm atmosphere in the room.

Statement by the Jury

In an attractive way, this sideboard offers the possibility to both hide and present things. With its purist form and clear proportions, it perfectly embodies the maxims of contemporary design, projecting a delightful composition of selected materials and a filigree-looking construction. Thanks to its well-harmonised colour concept, the Jabara AV Board can also seamlessly integrate into the interiors of young target groups.

Red Dot Design Award

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