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Jang Chim (Season Pattern)

Jang Chim (Season Pattern) | Red Dot Design Award

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Jang Chim is the Korean term for long bed, a traditional Korean furniture. This design by the same name uses modern patterns and colour palettes to reinterpret a traditional form. Contemporary Korean society has begun to choose modern furniture over traditional ones, and the latter is beginning to lose its reach and relevance. In addition, classic lines and concepts have become increasingly obscure. To address this issue, Jang Chim reintroduces cultural forms by using new methods and ideas to communicate the beauty and ideas behind traditional Korean furniture. A colour palette is chosen to represent each season and combined in a series of patterns that were designed for the long bed. The transition of seasons expressed in this manner adds a modern touch to a familiar design, and this traditional product is presented in a refreshing form that appeals to contemporary society.

Red Dot Design Award

  • Design:
    Jang Eun bi, Kim Sang uk, Kim Su hyun, Kwon Hyeong gi, Lee Hyung joo, South Korea