Multifunctional Steering Wheel for Forklift Trucks


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Forklift trucks play a central role particularly in the field of logistics. They have to be highly agile and ensure easy operation and manoeuvrability for its users. In this regard, the jetPILOT sets new standards, offering an enhanced driving experience, as well as improved safety and efficiency. Its design combines the advantages of the tiller and steering wheel system in a fully electronic, height-adjustable multifunctional steering wheel adaptable to numerous industrial trucks. The ergonomic design of the steering unit particularly takes into account the diverse body heights and positions of the operators when manoeuvring and driving both forward or backward. Without a learning curve, the steering wheel allows for comfortable automotive-style steering. In addition to the clear positioning of the integrated control functions for accelerating / braking, lifting / lowering, signalling and emergency stopping, prominent control elements such as the drive button in green-blue and the stop button in red enable intuitive operation. The jetPILOT can also be comfortably steered with only one hand, ensuring a secure grip even in difficult manoeuvring situations. Furthermore, thanks to the automatic straight-ahead positioning, the vehicle always remains safely on track. The multifunctional steering wheel, with a design that perfectly optimises every little detail, makes driving a forklift truck easier than it ever was before, while still ensuring a high degree of professionalism.

Statement by the Jury

This multifunctional steering wheel delivers outstandingly novel qualities. The jetPILOT is an expression of careful reconsideration in terms of functionality and ergonomic user-friendliness. The intuitive, comfortable and easy-to-grasp operability of this steering wheel is impressive. Through its smart design, it contributes to avoiding both accidents and damage to the vehicles it is used with.

  • Manufacturer:
    Jungheinrich AG, Hamburg, Germany
  • In-house design:
    Till Muhl
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