Red Dot Design Award
Precision Screwdriver Set

Jimihome GNT30, GNT26

Jimihome GNT30, GNT26 | Red Dot Design Award

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Jimihome GNT30 and GNT26 are precision screwdriver sets designed for private use. Thanks to stylish layout, they fit into any modern household. The body of their box is made from injection moulding and consists of two identical parts, which are magnetic and thus held together without any hinges. The screw bits, randomly arranged inside the box, do not stand up when it is opened and their size and shape are easily recognised. The surfaces of the boxes are coated with high-quality copolymer ABS, lending them a delicate appearance and soft texture.

Statement by the Jury

The Jimihome GNT30 and GNT26 screwdriver sets fascinate with a smart creative approach which is highly satisfying in terms of aesthetic and practical aspects.

Red Dot Design Award