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Safely stored

Toys are often shared and passed through the hands of more than one child. However, toys can also easily collect germs and bacteria, contributing to an easy spread of infections and diseases. The JJOBI BOX is a toy storage box with UV LED eco-friendly sterilisation technology for keeping toys free of germs. The innovative system allows intuitive handling, as the sterilisation UV LED of the lid turns on automatically without requiring extra operation. When toys are put into the box, simply closing the lid is sufficient to immediately start the sterilisation process. It is very easy to operate the JJOBI BOX since it has the same user manual with the general toy storage box which has no sterilisation function. The JJOBI BOX also gives direct feedback. The indicator light on the lid keeps blinking during the sterilisation process and turns off once the sterilisation is completed. The sophisticated functionality of the JJOBI BOX goes hand in hand with an aesthetic use of shapes. Featuring a clear, well-proportioned design, the box adopts a friendly appearance that is further emphasised by the colour scheme in a soft pastel tone. Moreover, the height and size of the box is harmonious also with the house interior. In particular, the wooden legs and soft curved surface design help protect both children against injuries and the house against damages.

Statement by the Jury

The JJOBI BOX is a sophisticated solution that realises the idea of using UV LED technology for the sterilisation of children’s toys. Extremely useful in everyday use, this functional storage box effectively protects children against picking up infections. It is made of durable, high-quality materials and showcases a very well-balanced design in a soft pastel colour scheme. Thanks to its clear and purist style, the box easily blends in almost anywhere.

Red Dot Design Award

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