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K 831 PLY

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The image film about the K 831 PLY lamp was created on the occasion of the reproduction of a lamp originally developed in 1931 by Kandem, one of the largest German lamp manufacturers at that time. The lamp was produced under the self-imposed premise of only working with materials and techniques that were available before 1940. Thus, the dome is made of Bakelite, while the lampshade is made of aluminium that is formed by hand and enamelled afterwards. Since it is almost impossible to describe the beauty of this product in words, the manufacturing process is shown in moving images as a short film – without commentary and only complemented by an audio track, the film illustrates the individual manufacturing steps. Starting with a chalk drawing on a blackboard, showing the hand-operated machinery in the workshop and backing up the production of each individual element with an authentic soundscape, the film renders a vivid experience of both the nearly antiquated production methods and the resulting quality of each individual lamp.

Statement by the Jury

Both the sound and the consistent aesthetics of this image film ideally suit to visualise the lamp manufactured completely by hand from start to finish. Viewers can enjoy watching the uncomplicated simplicity of this process without missing any additional explanation. The hard cuts within the sound and the contrasts are very well produced so that this short film convinces by following a remarkably unique approach.

  • Camera:
    Peter Drittenpreis, Hamburg
  • Client:
    PLY unestablished furniture GmbH, Hamburg
  • Film Direction:
    Wido Groell, Movingpix, Hamburg
  • Concept:
    David Einsiedler
  • Creative Direction:
    Joke Rasch
  • Design:
    PLY unestablished furniture GmbH, Hamburg
  • Post-Production:
    André Brüggemann, Movingpix, Hamburg