Swivel Chair / Standing Aid

K+N Balance.Chair

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The innovative, patented K+N Balance.Chair can easily be converted into a sit-stand support and promotes a mobile approach to working and active meetings. The cantilevered, swivelling back can quickly be repositioned and automatically stops at a 12-degree angle. In addition to seamless height adjustment, the pneumatic spring also has a stop function which firmly fixes the chair to the floor when it is used as a standing aid. The sturdy seating shell is made of aluminium. Armrests are available in three designs including a version covered with saddle leather.

Statement by the Jury

The cohesive design of the versatile K+N Balance.Chair is appealing for its use of premium materials and its modern look.

  • Manufacturer:
    König + Neurath AG, Karben, Germany
  • In-house design