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Kaavi Porcini

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What does a packaging design for a regional food product need to look like to be positioned on the international market, while taking into account different cultural and visual nuances, and targeting both home-cooks and star chefs? This was the challenge for the design concept of these jars for high-quality wild mushrooms, handpicked from the Finnish forests at Kaavi. In order to ensure that the design stands out in the category of comparable premium products and breaks with the traditional design of premium packages, the concept aimed at introducing a bold and fresh element, yet retaining a touch of craftsmanship and premium feel. While each of the four different species – Porcini, Chanterelle, Funnel Chanterelle and Black Chanterelle – and its authentic quality is reflected and immediately recognisable on the label, glass jars were chosen as containers as they best save the aroma. The purist aesthetic and clear design of the label features a white subfont with a graphic illustration of the actual product, which is accompanied by abstract colour blots, each representing one of the species.

Statement by the Jury

The label and packaging design of this wild Finnish gourmet product convinces with a very clear and original approach. Presenting the mushrooms in a jar not only conveys their naturalness, which consumers can thus recognise immediately, but also delivers the perfect solution to keeping the aromas. Moreover, the simple and charming illustrations on the label give the concept an artistic touch.

  • Client:
    Kaavin Herkkutattitehdas Ltd., Helsinki
  • Design:
    Aune Creative Oy, Helsinki
  • Creative Direction:
    Helena Masalin
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