Kakao Friends Kids Watch

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The Kakao Friends Kids Watch is a smartwatch for children of preschool and primary school age. It contains a highly sensitive voice recognition function and – in addition to basic functions like SMS, telephoning and SOS calling – also possesses a dictionary and games. The child-friendly design integrates the Kakao Friends characters as special feature. Thanks to its modular construction, this Kids Watch can be worn either on the wrist or hung around the neck. The smartwatch is water- and dustproof.

Statement by the Jury

This smartwatch convinces with its intelligent functions and robust case. With its figurative design, it integrates well into the world of children.

  • Client:
    LG Uplus, Seoul, South Korea
  • Manufacturer:
    Wizardlab, Seoul, South Korea
  • Design:
    LG Uplus Lee Seoyeon Seoul, South Korea Kakao Friends Choi Hyemi Seoul, South Korea Wizardlab Ryu Jaesung, Seoul, South Korea