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The Moscow cheese factory Karat undertook the first rebranding in its century-long history and redesigned its products, which are familiar to every Russian. The new version of the design retained only the recognisable colour codes, so as to differentiate between the cheese types more easily. A complex design system was turned into simple iconic signs inspired by Soviet Suprematism, an abstract art movement from the early 20th century. The use of bold colours and geometric patterns was intended to be a modern approach to retro heritage and garners a high degree of attention at the point of sale.

  • Strategic Planning:
    Fara Kuchkarov, Anastasia Tretyakova
  • Creative Direction:
    Alexey Fadeev, Alexandr Zagorsky
  • Design:
    Depot WPF, Moscow
  • Art Direction:
    Nikita Ivanov
  • Client:
    KARAT, Moscow
  • Account Management:
    Anna Smirnova