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Kempen | Red Dot Design Award

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The starting point for the new online presence of the B2B bank Kempen was the new brand positioning. Based on this, with the aim of standing out and making a difference, the term “haute finance boutique” was used to blend the traditional, posh style with a feel of dedication, innovation, internationalism and some Dalí-style surrealism. Custom-made still life photographs are an essential element, combined with subtle animations to convey the story in a touching way. Thus, a focused, high-quality website was built that makes an impact when people visit it, yet without losing its refinement.

Red Dot Design Award

  • Client:
    Kempen, Amsterdam, Netherlands
  • Design:
    Dept, Amsterdam, Netherlands
  • Technical Direction:
    Matt van Voorst Sandor Voordes TamTam (part of Dept)
  • Web Design:
    Dionne van Dijk TamTam (part of Dept)
  • Account Management:
    Jeroen Heydendael TamTam (part of Dept)
  • Concept:
    KesselsKramer Amsterdam, Netherlands
  • Photography:
    Van Santen & Bolleurs Amsterdam, Netherlands
Kempen | Red Dot Design Award