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Khibiny Tourist Area

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Khibiny is a Russian mountain range with an abundance of scenic hiking trails along its lakes and rivers. The new tourist logo for the area was developed to attract more travellers. Inspired by traditional images of the Russian North, as well as the art of the northern people and life beyond the Arctic Circle, the logo features a deer head at its core and the distinctive style of the people of the north. It uses a colour combination of red that is often found in northern ornaments, while the white background resembles snow. The logo is complemented by a set of icons created in the same style.

  • Art Direction:
    Artemy Lebedev
  • Client:
    Khibiny Center of Business Development, Kirovsk, Russia
  • Design:
    Art. Lebedev Studio, Moscow, Russia
  • Type Design:
    Ksenia Erulevich
  • Typography:
    Yaroslav Bondarenko
  • Project Management:
    Anastasia Ulyanova
  • Photography:
    Igor Fatkin
  • Graphic Design:
    Mikhail Prosvirnin, Andrey Ushnurtsev
  • Editing:
    Anna Vatrikovskaya