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The Kiezkaufhaus provides small, local businesses with a platform where residents can order fresh, organic food and non-food products from their favourite local stores and get the ordered goods on the very same day, delivered on CO₂-neutral electric cargo bikes. Based on the idea of combining the comfort of online shopping with the support of local, independent stores, a clearly structured and engaging user experience has been created. Photographs of the shop interiors serve as interfaces, thus promoting the personal relationship between customers and shopkeepers.

  • Client:
    Scholz & Volkmer GmbH, Wiesbaden
  • Design:
    Scholz & Volkmer GmbH, Wiesbaden
  • Creative Direction:
    Michael Volkmer
  • Art Direction:
    Tobias Heinemann, Gloria Kison
  • Concept:
    Nanna Beyer
  • Programming:
    Fabian Kretschmer, Mark Peter
  • Key Visual:
    Rui Camilo
  • Photography:
    Rui Camilo, Rainer Eidemüller