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KKL Luzern

KKL Luzern | Red Dot Design Award

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In its history, spanning almost 20 years, KKL Luzern (Lucerne Culture and Convention Centre) has become established as one of Europe’s most reputable concert halls. In order to be clearly perceived in today’s age of information overload, an innovative brand identity has been developed which facilitates flexible presentation in different media. The relaunch allows the new logo to adapt to the respective context and to be fully responsive. It has a modular design and changes its shape according to given media and formats. The new key visual, the sound wave, adapts to its surroundings as well. It translates music into motion and form in real time.

Red Dot Design Award

  • Client:
    KKL Luzern Management AG, Lucerne, Switzerland
  • Design:
    Process AG, Zurich, Switzerland
  • Creative Direction:
    Fabian Bertschinger
  • Art Direction:
    Sandra Scheffknecht
  • Motion Design:
    Levin Bissig
  • Strategic Planning:
    Elmar Müller
  • Text:
    Andi Portmann Zurich, Switzerland
KKL Luzern | Red Dot Design Award
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