Red Dot Design Award
Pocket Umbrella

Knirps Ultra Light Duomatic

Knirps Ultra Light Duomatic | Red Dot Design Award

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This pocket umbrella is made from high-tech materials and thus particularly lightweight. Yet, the model can weather gusts of wind of up to 120 km / h. When closed, the umbrella measures only 26 cm; when opened, it unfolds a 97 cm-wide canopy. The integrated opening and closing mechanism is triggered by simply pressing the button on the ergonomically designed handle. Different materials create an impression of depth on the glossy button. To perfectly match any occasion, the model is available in a range of colours.

Statement by the Jury

Light weight and robustness characterise the Knirps Ultra Light Duomatic. With a modern appearance, it effectively suits the urban lifestyle.

Red Dot Design Award