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Kohler Reve

Kohler Reve | Red Dot Design Award

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The purity of shape

Good quality drinking water is a highly important commodity for everyday life. Against this background, modern water filtration systems serve the purpose of providing such water in sufficient quantity in households. The Kohler Reve is an innovative purification device that provides optimised filtration for high-quality drinking water. Its reverse osmosis filter system works with an aperture size of 0.0001 micrometres, which reliably blocks 99.9 per cent of existing impurities and contaminants in water. The system can filter and dispense two litres of water per minute, doubling the filtration speed compared to similar devices. The filtered water is of excellent quality for drinking and other everyday activities such as washing fruits and vegetables. This high performance goes hand in hand with a clear, minimalist and compact design that clearly communicates the device’s functionality. The housing is reduced to the essential and impresses with well-balanced proportions. With its rigid yet recyclable steel enclosure, the system fits easily into confined spaces. Since it is equipped with a magnetic cover, this water filtration system allows users to load and operate it via the front in a clear and effortless manner. In addition, the Kohler Konnect app offers the option to check important information anywhere and at any time, including data on water quality and consumption, as well as filter life and possible leakages.

Statement by the Jury

The shape of this water filtration system is perfectly reduced to the essentials. And as far for the featuring materials and the execution of details, the design of the system is harmonious, well-thought-out and highly functional. Effective and convenient, it blends unobtrusively into its surroundings for self-explanatory use. Its appearance is reminiscent of classic good design, which in its stringent formal implementation projects a high standard of consistency.

Red Dot Design Award

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