komma 14

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Each issue of the “komma” magazine, which publishes student projects, has its own topic and design. This issue deals with the topic of development. The layout deliberately breaks with traditional raster and design guidelines and creates its own. Stereotypical headlines were omitted in order to evaluate the respective work as little as possible. This issue reflects the result of many individual microcosms and presents the diversity that can arise out of creativity.

  • Client:
    University of Applied Sciences Mannheim
  • Design:
    komma Magazine, University of Applied Sciences Mannheim
  • Creative Direction:
    Sven Wagenbach
  • Editorial Work:
    Sven Wagenbach, Alessandro Tarantino, Jean-Pierre Meier, Tim Lindacher, Tobias Hammer, Ines Doka, Marcel Issle
  • Photography:
    Jessica Meier, Maurice Fischer