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The tenth issue of komma magazine, published by Mannheim University, deals with the topic of identity and the effect that a designer’s personality has on his or her work. The works presented reflect different ways of experimenting, breaking new ground, deliberately breaking the rules and thinking outside the box. The booklet in black-and-white with red colour accents provides space for texts, graphics and photographs.

  • Client:
    University of Applied Sciences Mannheim
  • Design:
    komma Mannheim, University of Applied Sciences Mannheim
  • editor-in-chief/ creative direction:
    Dennis Jakoby
  • art direction:
    Sascha May, Sebastian Schellenberger, Sven Wagenbach
  • photography:
    Heidi Rondak
  • illustration:
    Sascha May
  • editor/design:
    Mauro Simone