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Konsolidierung Consolidation Helsana Annual Report 2012

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The 2012 annual report is the final report of a trilogy accompanying the strategic realignment of the health insurance company Helsana. The remarkable book format reflects the focus of the contents: articles written by professional journalists present an authentic image of the company. The report is divided into two separately bound parts which are united by a shared cover. The use of different paper and the way the individual chapters are cut make these sections easy to follow for the reader.

  • Client:
    Helsana Versicherungen AG, Zurich
  • Design:
    Arnold.KircherBurkhardt, Stäfa
  • editor-in-chief:
    Claudia Wyss
  • publisher:
    Rob Hartmans
  • art direction:
    Maja Davé
  • project management:
    Nadia Bucher
  • artwork:
    Monika Häfliger
  • editor:
    Zoe Arnold