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Konstar Squarish Salad Spinner

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Utilising the principle of the centrifugal force, the Konstar Squarish Salad Spinner dries salad leaves, vegetables and fruit efficiently. It works by means of an innovative gear rack and a coupling mechanism that can be activated with little effort, and prevents irregular spinning of the inner basket. By allowing water to drain at the corners, the square shape of the salad spinner also follows a functional design approach. The notched flat lid allows comfortable handling. In addition, a brake stops the rotation at the push of a button.

Statement by the Jury

This compactly designed salad spinner is characterised by an ergonomically sound structure and high comfort of use.

  • Manufacturer:
    Konstar Industries Limited, Hong Kong, Hong Kong
  • In-house design:
    Konstar Industries Limited, Alan Kwok Siu-Lun, Wong Yan-Kwong, Hong Kong, Hong Kong