Beverage Packaging

Korean Traditional Liquor

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A new packaging design was launched for this liquor brand by the Shinsegae Department Store to reveal the value, history and culture of traditional Korean liquor. For each type, graphic elements were designed to represent the ingredients and unique manufacturing process that the alcoholic beverage went through. These icons were arranged into circular patterns, differentiated by their combination, but unified by the identical geometry and modulated as elements of communication through consistent application on logos, labels and packaging.

  • Client:
    Shinsegae Department Stores, Seoul
  • Design:
    Plus X, Seoul
  • Design:
    Shinsegae Department Stores Design Division, Seoul
  • Design Team:
    Myungsup Shin, Youngin Koh, Taesu Im, Jinwoong Seo, Jihoon Kim, Hyun Lee, Plus X, Heekyung Chun, Jeewon Baek, Jahyun Kim, Shinsegae Department Stores Design Division