Red Dot Design Award


KOSMOS ink | Red Dot Design Award

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Twist the cap of KOSMOS ink slightly and it gets pushed off by the magnets. Close the pen with ease as the cap gets pulled on magnetically. Dominated by straight lines, curved hemispherical ends and a characteristic chamfer on two sides, the KOSMOS ink follows clean and minimalist aesthetics without neglecting functionality: The chamfered surfaces work as an effective anti- roll design of the pen. The magnetic cap makes any annoying threads near the grip section obsolete, and in this way ensures maximum writing comfort for the user. The KOSMOS ink fountain pen is precision-machined out of premium metals, such as grade-5 titanium or grade-6 aluminium. These remarkable materials combine the highest durability with exceptional light weight.

Red Dot Design Award

  • Design:
    Christoph Bohrer, Martin Wagner, Germany