Red Dot Design Award
Industrial Robot

KUKA KR Quantec 210 R2700

KUKA KR Quantec 210 R2700 | Red Dot Design Award

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The KUKA KR Quantec 210 R2700 robot has been developed for high-precision spot welding, assembly and packaging within seconds in industrial environments. Organically designed, powerful components give it a lively appearance and visualise the machine’s performance capability and mobility. These features mechanically ensure bending strength and torsional stiffness and thus reliable operation. The robot is designed for a service life of approximately 15 years with a load capacity of 210 kg and a reach of 2.70 metres.

Statement by the Jury

The KR Quantec 210 R2700 industrial robot captivates with its design with flowing shape transitions as well as high force flow and dynamics.

Red Dot Design Award