Packaging Design

Kulinarijat Delicacy Food Product Line

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This range of fine foods by Kulinarijat includes traditional delicacies typical of its country of origin, Croatia. In reference to cookbooks from the 17th century, which have been influencing recipes up to the present day, humorous illustrations of aristocrats were designed for the packaging. Faithful illustrations are associated with the respective products through slightly modified motifs: the knight, for instance, is holding a knife dipped in jam instead of a lance. The colour design of the label also incorporates the colouring of the respective foods.

  • Client:
  • Design:
    Aha!Studio, Zagreb
  • creative direction/art direction:
    Morana Cvetkovi, Nina Poturica
  • concept:
    Morana Cvetkovi, Nina Poturica
  • graphic design:
    Morana Cvetkovi, Nina Poturica
  • illustration:
    Tomislav Tomi